The Agricultural Chamber in Łódź Province operates within the area of the Łódzkie voivodeship and is represented by 322 members of District Councils functioning in 21 districts, including 42 members of the General Assembly. The District Council is an important consultative body of the Chamber.
A District Office of the Agricultural Chamber in Łódź Province has been established in each of the 21 districts. Its duties coverproviding consulting services and short term assistance, organizing training courses for farmers within the district. Our Chamber is the unit of agricultural self-government and covers the area of the whole voivodeship. In result of the administrative reform introduced in Poland, since January 1st, 1999 the agricultural chambers from the following former voivodships have been in tegrated in to one body: Łódzkie, Piotrkowskie, Sieradzkie, Skierniewickie and part of the former Kaliskie, Konińskie, Płockie and Radomskie voivodships.
During the previous years the agricultural self-government has significantly marked its position within the space of agricultural organizations. It makes efforts to duly represent the interests of all farmers in relations with governmental and self-governmental administration.

Our main tasks include:

  • counselling for farmers in all areas related with agriculture;
  • in every situation a farmer may be sure he will receive legal advice free of charge;
  • providing opinions on legislative documents referring to agriculture, food industry and rural areas; acting for the creation of an agricultural market and better conditions for sales of crops and agricultural products; expressing positions of the Chamber before governmental administration and territorial self-government bodies; acting for the cooperation with agricultural schools in order to raise the qualifications of persons employed in agriculture;
  • acting for minimizing the results of losses incurred by farmers due to unfavourable atmospheric phenomena trough participating in works of committees estimating losses as well as committees estimating damages caused by hunting and forest animals.